Adolphus Longestaffe, Jr.

Son of Mr. Longestaffe and Lady Pomona

Brother of Georgiana Longestaffe and Sophia Longestaffe

Chapter IIIEdit

Dolly finds writing a note to his groom giving permission for Sir Felix to use his horses to be “such a bore” (29) #WritingAsChore

Chapter XIIIEdit

“Dolly did not often show himself in Bruton Street. He had rooms of his own, and could seldom even be induced to dine with his family. His mother wrote to him notes without end, -- notes every day, pressing invitations of all sorts upon him; would he come and dine; would he take them to the theatre; would he go to this ball; would he go to that evening-party? These Dolly barely read, and never answered. He would open them, thrust them into some pocket, and then forget them. Consequently his mother worshipped him; and even his sisters, who were at any rate superior to him in intellect, treated him with a certain deference” (108). #Letters

Dolly addressing Mr. Longstaffe: “I’ve got a letter, sir, ever so long, from those fellows in Lincoln’s Inn. They want me to come and see you about selling something; so I’ve come” (110). #Letters

Chapter XXIVEdit

Dolly tells Felix that Melmotte is about to owe Dolly money for selling property, and that Felix can tell Melmotte that he can put some of that toward Felix’s shares since Dolly owes Felix money. Felix says, “‘You could write me that, -- in a business sort of way.’ ‘I couldn’t do that Carbruy. What’s the use? I never write any letters. I can’t do it. You tell him that; and if the sale comes off, I’ll make it straight’” (198). #Letters #Permanence

Chapter XXVEdit

Dolly determines to write to his father about Georgiana staying with the Melmottes after he visits her at their house (207). #Letters #Premeditation

“‘My Dear Father ,

‘I have seen Georgiana at Mr. Melmotte ’s house. She ought not to be there. I suppose you don’t know it, but everybody says he’s a swindler. For the sake of the family I hope you will get her home again. It seems to me that Bruton Street is the proper place for the girls at this time of the year.

‘Your affectionate son,

Adolphus Longestaffe ’” (208). #Letters #Sincerity